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Goliath Grouper Charters


  • Up to 3 people - 4 hours- $700 - 6 hours - $1000.
    additional passengers (up to 3) $75 each.  It's best not to crowd the boat for this trip.

  • Extra costs involved with distance traveled, bait, and gear being used. 

  • For the "bucket list" fishermen out there.   Do you have what it takes?

  • Not recommended for young children. Feel free to bring them with us though! Goliath Grouper that we hook into can be in excess of 350lb at times.  

  • This is a real battle and usually requires some assistance from another angler or the captain. Clients often think they've hooked the bottom when in fact the fight is on! It quickly turns to a who's-got-who situation!

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